Hold Your Eyebrows!

Hi and welcome to my new blog! I have named it “Hold Your Eyebrows” in memory of my Grandpa and Grandma Archer. Instead of saying “wait a minute or the common “Hold your horses”, it was “Hold your eyebrows”! Stay tuned for some family stories and memories including submitted pieces written for my University of Tasmania Diploma studies. Cheers,... Continue Reading →

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Biography of a Soldier – Corporal John Walls Bamford Hooper: Service number 449 (1892-1926)

I wrote the following for another UTAS Diploma of History assignment for the module - Families at War. Until recently I had never heard of John Hooper. He was an uncle of my grandmother's who passed before she was born.  Today is Nov 11 2018, let's remember those who sacrificed their lives for their country. ... Continue Reading →

A little about George

Let me introduce you to my 2nd Great Grandfather - George Harris Westley Ford Hooper. He's an ancestor I am completely obsessed about!  This piece talks about one part of George’s life – where he fit into the community. Engaging himself by using his talents seems like a great way in to making new friends... Continue Reading →


The following story is my imagining of how my 2nd Great Grandfather William Henry Archer (1841-1920) may have proposed to his second wife, Catherine Carmichael Grayson (1873-1968). He was 61 and she was 30 when they married in 1902, so quite an age gap there! (Although Catherine scribbled over the number 30 and wrote 26... Continue Reading →

The Accident that changed their lives

The following story is from my Writing Family History assignment this year. I have edited it a little now. It tells the story of my Great Great Grandmother Catherine Grayson and her older sister Agnes.  A tragic turn of events lead to their entry into an industrial school (children's/orphan's home).  The coffin of twenty-five-year-old Agnes... Continue Reading →

A moment from Grace’s memoir

A passage from my great grandmother Grace Charlotte (Hess) Saal’s (1900-1996) memoir ‘My Life’ describes the day her father passed away.  After an accident Grace’s father slowly became weaker until one day he became gravely ill. The doctor was called and told his wife that he would pass away within eight hours.  A neighbor rode... Continue Reading →

Hold my hand Kimmy

The following is an imagined story about my mother and her Grandfather Gus Hooper. I was inspired by a photograph of them at the beach together, taken the year he died (1958). The photo has such character with Gus unashamedly posing in his swimsuit with Kim squealing with joy at the beach. I also incorporated... Continue Reading →

The mystery girl

For years I wondered who the girl on the right hand side of this photo was. There sits my great great Grandfather William Henry Archer (1841-1920), his wife standing is Catherine Carmichael Grayson (1873-1968) and their little son whom they affectionately called ‘Bon’, also called William Henry Archer (1903-1966). I recently discovered the girl seated on... Continue Reading →

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